Proper Use of GBL and Emory Libraries Licensed Databases

Proper Use of Licensed Databases for Course-Affiliated Client Projects, Directed Studies, Field Studies, Case Competitions, Internships and Employers

 Examples of appropriate and inappropriate use of Emory Libraries databases  

    GBL and Emory Libraries’ license electronic resources (e.g. databases, ejournals, ebooks, etc.) for academic use only by current Emory University faculty, students, and staff. This means you can use them for your coursework, career exploration and personal enrichment.

    You are strictly forbidden from using databases for employers or internships, or providing direct access to anyone at these or other organizations. Breach of this may result in vendors’ canceling access, and students/individuals possibly facing disciplinary action for non-compliance with Emory’s Honor Code.

    What can you use Emory's licensed databases for? 

    • Experiential course-related client projects (e.g. Goizueta IMPACT360)
    • GBS course assignments
    • Faculty-supervised directed studies
    • Career exploration and interview preparation
    • Case competitions
    • Personal enrichment

    Conditions for Proper Use of Databases 

    You are allowed to excerpt or summarize small portions of reports, articles, data and other documents for inclusion in presentation decks, papers, and all other project and course deliverables.

    You can never distribute to any project-related clients or anyone outside of GBS any reports, articles, spreadsheets, data, etc. from Emory’s licensed resources.

    You must always accurately cite all content used.  For guidelines for correctly citing sources in your decks or bibliographies, see the GBL Citation Guide for papers and the GBL Citation Guide for PowerPoint presentations.

    You are strictly forbidden from using databases for employers or internships or providing direct access to anyone at these or other organizations.

    The business librarians are available to recommend alternatives to GBL’s databases, as well as search strategies/guidance for your organization’s subscription resources.

    Learn more about GBL support for your internships and work research projects.

    According to Emory's Copyright Infringement Policy, students, faculty and employees are required and expected to adhere to US copyright law, which restricts reproduction, distribution, and other uses of copyrighted materials.  

    • According to Emory’s Honor Code you must always attribute accurately and completely all data and excerpts or direct references you include in course research, articles, etc.
    • According to Emory’s Code of Conduct, you can never provide anyone who is not currently an enrolled GBS student access to any GBL electronic resources (i.e. log them in); you can never allow anyone who is not currently enrolled at Emory University access to any electronic resources that are subscribed for use to Emory communities.
    • According to Emory’s Code of Conduct, you can never share your Emory username/id and password with anyone attending Emory or outside of Emory

    You must abide by Emory University's Library Licensed Electronic Resources Conditions of Use Policy.

    Reach out to any of the Goizueta business librarians.