Group Study Spaces

Goizueta Business Library, Woodruff Library, and Goizueta Business School all have a variety of places to study and meet with teams. Download our descriptive comparison of the spaces available to you, or review details on reserving library spaces below.

    For Goizueta Business School students:  2 group study tables - each with wall-mounted monitor and white boards

    Check availability and reserve a table with our online calendar.   

    • Maximum 2 hour reservation slot
    • Minimum 3 people per table

    Attach your laptop to a wall-mounted monitor; Solstice is available for the square space. 

    Woodruff Library has group study rooms located throughout its building. 

    There are rooms available with and without technology.  Learn where these rooms are located and how to reserve one.

    The Matheson Reading Room offers the ultimate in quiet study space.

    Located on Level 3, take the stairs to the left past the Security Desk, up one level, turn right and cross the bridge connecting the Woodruff Library and Candler buildings.

    A huge room, large work tables, and some soft seating - you can hear a pin drop.  The ultimate space on campus for quiet study.

    Twelve study rooms are available for reservation:

    •  Max of 3 hour reservation per work session.
    •  Reserve room using 25 Live with your Emory login credentials.
    •  Each equipped with 1 windows desktop computer.

    Two computer labs are available:

    • Room 400
      • 30 Windows desktops
      • 2 Mac desktops
    • Room 130
      • 12 Windows desktops

    Read more about capacity and technology available in the GBS Study Rooms.