Exhibits at the WHSC Library

13 February 2023

The WHSC Library celebrates its a 100-year Anniversary with look back at popular exhibits

The Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library is proud to announce the opening of our latest exhibition, "Moving Forward, Looking Back: A Retrospective on WHSC Library Exhibits. The exhibition highlights the efforts of Emory faculty and library staff, past and present, to tell the history of medicine, nursing, public health, and the health sciences from an Emory perspective and to showcase the library’s diverse collections.  

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A color still depicting the circulation desk of the A.W. Calhoun Medical Library from the 1963 film, The National Library of Medicine, produced by the United States Public Health Service. National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland
24 April 2018

Excellence of program and faculty featured in "History of Teaching Medicine at Emory" exhibit

The history of Emory University School of Medicine is on display in a new exhibit at the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library. “History of Teaching Medicine at Emory” highlights significant achievements and people who have built Emory’s School of Medicine into one of the top medical schools in the Southeast...

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Amphitheater classroom instruction at the Atlanta School of Medicine, 1912. Credit: Atlanta School of Medicine records, WHSC Library.
21 April 2016

Historic perspective of Emory nursing features archival materials at Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library

Artifacts and archival documents bring an Emory perspective of nursing to life in “To Care for Others: 100 Years of Nursing at Emory.” This exhibit, which opens April 22 at the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library explores Emory’s nursing program through the past century, from its original 1907 graduating class...

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Nursing students walking toward the nursing school, circa 1960s. Image: Emory University Photograph Collection.
15 April 2015

Pioneer of Vascular Surgery: Daniel C. Elkin, MD is focus of new exhibit

Emory surgeon and professor Daniel C. Elkin, who became a leader in the vascular surgery field in the early- and mid- 20th century, is the subject of an exhibit at the Woodruff Health Sciences Center (WHSC) Library. Pioneer of Vascular Surgery: Daniel C. Elkin, MD,” which opens April 10, will focus on Elkin’s life and his contributions to Emory University...

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Elkin seated at his desk in the Emory School of Medicine, c. 1950. Credit: Daniel C. Elkin papers, Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library, Emory University.
16 April 2014

Emory medical unit in two world wars is focus of exhibition at the Health Sciences Center Library

The stories of Emory doctors, nurses, and enlisted men who comprised Base Hospital 43 during World War I and World War II will be the focus of “When the Emory Unit Went to War,” an exhibition that opens Monday, April 28 at Emory University’s Woodruff Health Sciences Center (WHSC) Library...

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The exhibit includes the complete nurse's uniform of Leila Anderson, who served in France during World War I. Emory Photo/Video.
28 June 2013

Medical Treasures at Emory Puts Historical Books, Artifacts on Display

A reminder of when doctors had a rudimentary understanding of human anatomy, performed surgery without antiseptic and used primitive forms of anesthesia for operations and dental work.

“Medical Treasures,” on display through March, 2014, features materials from the WHSC Library’s historical collections, which include 18th- and 19th-century works on human anatomy, pathology, surgery, midwifery and alternative medical practices...

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