Organizing References

Reference or citation management programs are downloadable software designed specifically for managing bibliographic citations, creating bibliographies, and in-text citations, annotating pdfs, and research notes, and sharing information with others. 


Licensed By Emory University
EndNote is a robust database program licensed by the University for current students, staff, and faculty.     


Open Source
Mendeley is an open source (free) web-based citation manager/organizer that can be used to easily create and share bibliographies with others. App and web-based features allow for easy sharing between devices.

  •     Users receive 2GB of free storage.
  •     Download either Mendeley Desktop or create a free cloud account at  
  •     Tutorials on using Mendeley are available here.


Open Source
Zotero is an open source (free) web-based citation manager/organizer that can easily be used with webpages and various document types. Connects well with Google tools like Google Docs, Google Scholar, and Google Books

  •     Download either Desktop version or register for a free cloud account at
  •     Users receive 300MB of free storage.
  •     Also available as a browser plug for Firefox, Chrome, or Safari to save references directly from web searchers or         
        Google results.
  •     Tutorials on how to use Zotero are available here.