Emory Libraries provide access to all types of articles from peer-reviewed journals, newspapers and magazines, and professional trade publications.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Peer-reviewed journal articles are those most likely to be required for Emory class assignments, because these articles have been written by scholars for other scholars and reviewed by subject-matter experts. These articles also include citations to other scholarly works. Examples include articles from the scholarly journals International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation ManagementThe New England Journal of Medicine, and Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

Newspaper/Magazine Articles

Newspaper/Magazine articles (often called “popular” articles) are written for a general audience rather than for scholars or professionals and include information about very recent events/topics as well as local information and opinions about issues. Examples include The New York TimesThe Washington PostThe New YorkerVanity FairPeople, and Rolling Stone.

Professional/Trade Articles

Professional/trade articles are written by professionals in the field OR by staff writers. The articles are only reviewed by editors for style, so they go through a less rigorous review process than scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. Examples of professional/trade journals include The Harvard Business ReviewEngineering and Mining Journal, and American Biology Teacher.

Most articles are available electronically. For information on accessing articles, see Journals and Newspapers and the FAQ about finding peer-reviewed articles.

Finding Electronic Versions

eJournals A-Z list provides a list of all the e-journal holdings owned by Emory Libraries. Emory Libraries provides access to most major academic journal packages, including Wiley, Springer, Elsevier, Taylor and Francis, Sage and Oxford University Press (OUP).  To access the full content of many of our subscribed and licensed journals, you will need to authenticate as an Emory user. Either go through the A-Z page, or use the proxy bookmarklet to reload the webpage.  Many of our databases contain full-text journal content (in particular, our EBSCO databases), and/or contain a FindIt@Emory icon that links to our holdings.  To review and browse current holdings, please consider taking advantage of the web or app version of Browzine.