Emory Libraries provide access to many types of audiobooks, including audiobooks on physical media (CD, cassette, LP), streaming audiobooks available for checkout, and streaming audiobooks from subscription databases.

Physical Collections

Emory has some physical-format audiobooks, which you can find through Library Search. Among spoken-word recordings are plays, novels, stand-up comedy, and self-instruction materials for selected foreign languages.


Emory has purchased hundreds of popular audiobooks through OverDrive; you can borrow and download them using the free Libby app. You can find these titles through Library Search or the Emory OverDrive page.

Subscription Streaming Services

Naxos Spoken Word Library has thousands of audiobooks, mostly classics but with a number of contemporary award-winning fiction and non-fiction. Some titles are available in German, French, and Portuguese. You can download these audiobooks to mobile devices with the free Naxos Spoken Word Library app.


Many of Emory’s e-book and journal databases have read-aloud options; these capabilities are separate from the audiobook sources detailed above. See more about accessibility at Emory.