Emory Web Archives

Web archives include websites produced by Emory's administrative offices, schools, departments, institutes, centers, and programs, as well as its faculty, student, and alumni organizations. With this web archiving initiative, the Emory University Archives seeks to expand on preexisting holdings as well as document previously underrepresented areas and constituencies.

Searching the Emory Web Archives


    Emory University Web Archives are created from a "seed" URL within the emory.edu domain. Each seed is will be periodically captured and indexed for future reference. These seeds are made from URLs like news.emory.edu, catalog.college.emory.edu, or www.physics.emory.edu.

    Various "tags" are attached to each site so that users sites grouped together by topic. These topics may be based on how the seed relates to University schools, offices, and units (College of Arts and Sciences; Candler School of Theology) or based on their function within the University (Administration and Governance; Student Life).

    The Emory University Archives began creating the Web Archives in February of 2012 and continues to make improvements to how seeds are chosen and how the resulting sites are organized for users. If you have any feedback, please email John Bence, University Archivist.

    The Emory University Archives has partnered with the Internet Archive and its web archiving service, Archive-It, to create the Emory University Web Archives. Prior to October 2015, Emory worked with the Web Archiving Service of the California Digital Library. In late 2014, CDL announced a partnership with the Internet Archive for more effective collaboration on developing web archiving technology and collections. For more information about Archive-it, click here. For more information about the Internet Archive, click here

    Your search terms will be found anywhere in the full text of the web pages and documents in this archive. You can search for key words or for particular URLs.