The Emory Oral History Program

The Emory Oral History Program (EOHP) practices oral history as a humanistic method of discovery that incorporates technology and archival practices with the goal of better understanding the communities we live in. Oral history interviews are a dynamic process of co-creation whereby individuals’ lived experiences are recorded in their own words as they choose to narrate them through one-to-one conversations. In agreement with the participants, the resources we co-create will be preserved and made available in the University Archives for research, education, and the interested public. 

Visit the EOHP LIBGUIDE to learn more about our current projects and available resources, including: 

Participate in our current projects and share your oral history: 

  • Underrepresented Voices at Emory series, currently inviting people who identify as Black, LatinX, LGBTQ+, or First-Generation college students, staff, or faculty.  
  • Stories During the Coronavirus Pandemic project, currently inviting anyone who considers themselves part of the Emory community, broadly conceived. How has the coronavirus pandemic impacted you?  

EOHP consultations and resources: 

  • Meet with our team to discuss oral history project planning that may include preparation (defining parameters, scope, scale and workflow for a project), interview skill-building resources, and preservation considerations.  
  • Skill building workshops designed for undergraduate and graduate student projects, and for community organizations/groups. 
  • Access to oral history interview audio kits. 

Classroom teaching and research support: 

  • Resources for course instructors to integrate oral history projects and research, including class visits, lectures, and customized projects. 

Community partnerships: 

  • The EOHP is actively seeking to support off-campus oral history projects. The terms of each collaboration are unique, and may include training in oral history best practices and methods, support for project planning and preservation, and access to interviewing technology. We expect partners in their effort to identify subjects, conduct interviews, and design access strategies, and may be able to provide some degree of support. Interested parties are encouraged to apply through our collaborative project proposal portal and schedule an exploratory meeting. 

Search Emory Oral History Program interviews:

For further information or comment contact the EOHP coordinator, Jonathan Coulis