Fellowship Recipients

2023-2024 Fellowships

Short-term Fellowships   

  • Charlotte Alson, Northumbria University-Russian Émigré Activism across Generations and Borders

  • Jared Asser, University of Georgia- A Reconstruction of Feeling:  How Emotions Shaped Change in the Post-Civil War Era 

  • Emma Beachy, University of Michigan-Racial Politics and Agency in the Concert Spirituals of William L. Dawson 

  • Hanul Christian Choe, University of Georgia -The Janus-Faced Administrative State:  The Panama Canal Zone and the U.S. Neocolonialism 1903-1977 

  • Daniel Dominguez, Princeton University-Archival Research at the Nathaniel Mackey Papers, with an emphasis on his work from the 1970’s and 1980’s  

  • Jenny Factor, Brandeis University-Intimate Play:  Phillis Wheatley Peters and the Art of the Poem Game 

  • Audrey Florey, University of Missouri-Samella S. Lewis and the Social Construction of the African American Art 

  • Emily Hawk, Columbia University-The Movements of Modern Dance:  Black American Choreography and Civic Education, 1965-1976 

  • Andrew Lanham, Harvard Law School-The Promise of Peace:  How African American Antiwar Activists Reimagined Civil Rights and Global Justice 

  • Jennifer O’Reilly, Syracuse University-Conjuring Africana Spiritualities in Literature 

  • Stephanie Rambo, George Mason University-Picturing Black Girls, Summoning the Nation. 

  • Kyler Schubkegel, University of Notre Dame-Marie Ponsot's Poetic and Epistemic Rhythms 

  • Zachary Sell, University of Notre Dame-Factoring for the Future of Slavery 

  • Annika Shaderwalt, Leipzig University-Zany Realism in William Melvin Kelley’s Dream

  • Mark Thomas-Patterson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-Controlling the Post-Soviet Fission: the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Act and the Beginnings of US-Russia Security Cooperation between 1991-1994

Billops-Hatch Fellowship  

  • Charmaine Branch, Princeton University-Artist-Archivists Cultivating Community   

Nancy and Randall Burkett Award for Research in Black Print Culture  

  • Muna Dahir, Queen’s University-Beyond the Narrative Line: On Black Feminist Literary Production and Black Print Counter-publics 

LGBTQ Collection Fellowship

  • Joseph DeLeon, Grand Valley State University-Always Low Standards:  Atlanta’s Public Access Television in the Age of ACTOUP 

  • Cornel Grey, Western University-Felt Impressions:  A Transnational Investigation of Black Diasporic Men’s Lives 

  • Isaiah Frost Rivera, University of Texas at Austin-Gay Killers, Killer Gays:  Queering Afro Pessimism and Disrupting Interracial Intimacies 

The Donald C. Locke Award  

  • Giulia Smith, Oxford University-Living Landscapes:  Biotic Resistance in Guyanese British Art  

Richard A. Long/BHCU Fellowship  

  • Magana Kabugi, Fisk University- Turning Darkness into Day:  Historically Black Colleges and the Challenge of Black Higher Education in the Post-Civil Rights Era 

  • Monique Major, Howard University-Rev. Leon H. Sullivan:  A Multidimensional Person 

Pellom McDaniels Fellowship  

  • Katie Mitchell, Independent Writer-Prose to the People: An Exploration of Black Bookstores 

Geffen and Lewyn Family Southern Jewish Research Fellowship 

  • Joel Silverman, Emory University-Atlanta Jewish Southside Virtual Shtetl 

Rose Research Travel Fellowship

  • Yunfei Bai, Lingnan University- A Sino-Tibetan-Western Interfaith Dialog at Mount Gongga in Eastern Tibet/Western Sichuan in the Summer of 1945 

  • Erena Nakashima, The University of Cincinnati- "Looking Backward, Moving Forward": Carroll Greene Jr. and Black Public History Movement, 1960-2000